Get a Little Fishing on Your Next Bird Watching Trip

Do you know that Flannel fishermen can do bird watching while carrying the best walleye lures? Yes, you can fish and bird watch at the same time. In fact, some veteran fishermen use birds to track down fishes. Just like there are ants where sugar is, you can find fish where the birds are too.

Using Birds to Find Fishermen

If you have been fishing for some time, you know that birds feed on fish and if you find one, you will find the other. Veteran anglers will usually watch birds first before they will shout “fish”! This is primarily because, with all the fish tracking sonars installed in modern fishing vessels, nothing beats a bird in finding fish. So do you still doubt that you can fish and bird watch at the same time?

If you’re going to scan the horizon, they are not hard to spot. Gannets always dive on yellowfin tuna like the WWII Japanese fighter planes. It’s fun to watch and it signals that there are tunas to catch too. No doubt about it, fishermen use birds to track down fish either for fun or profit.

The Fishing Advantage of Birds

There are a lot of advantages for using birds as fish tracking mechanism than just relying on the boats built-in sonar. The power of flight is the obvious one. This means that you don’t need to immediately sail out to the high seas to fish, you just have watch where the birds are at the moment. When you see them congregating at a certain spot, that’s the time to set out.

Birds have powerful vision. This potential even increases if you combine it with their ability to fly to high altitudes. This means that they can see all the horizon and they can find fish wherever they are. By just observing the birds, you extend you capability of spotting fishes.

Then there is their sensitive sense of smell. Don’t you know that certain bird species can smell bait fish from miles away? When there are bait fish, you can be sure that there are huge predatory fishes feeding on them too. When fishermen observe birds feeding on baitfish, they know that they have bigger fishes to fry just waiting for them to come.

Some birds like terns are also good at locating fish aggregators like sargassum grass. Some species of fish love to feed on this grass and so as the terns. When you can find terns feeding on sargassum, you can be sure to find blue marlins feeding on smaller crabs, minnows and sea horses.

So do you still doubt that you can fish and watch birds at the same time? I hope that some of the reasons provided here will convince you that you can. These reasons are given by long-time fishermen including those who don’t even use sonars to locate fish. So what are you waiting for? Go bird watching while fishing as well.

Good Binoculars for Bird Watching


Going for some bird watching adventure this summer? Rather than planning what you wear, why don’t you start by getting a good binoculars to use? In order for you to have the most amazing bird watching experience, you really need to have a binocular with you. You wouldn’t enjoy as much if you’re just going to watch the birds with your own eyes.

Normally, you’d have to watch the birds in a distance. Or they all will flee away with your presence. You can check out on your area the nearest bird watching location. Then begin your preparation by checking what type of binoculars you are going to use.

The Bird Watching Fun

More and more people are starting to appreciate the fun of watching birds. As you know some bird species are becoming extinct and having the chance to watch them is great while we still have them. If it is your first time to go out for a bird watching trip, you don’t have to worry that much. There are some basic rules that you need to follow.

One is to make sure that you don’t disturb the birds. That’s the main reason why you are only allowed to watch them from afar with a binocular. Appreciating them by seeing them on their natural habitat, without getting disturbed. You won’t be able to see them clear if they are flying fleeing all over anyway. Most of the time, you’ll be doing the bird watching in a group with a guide. So make sure to follow what your guide tells you to do and not.

Get a Good Binocular

The main character for bird watching is a good binocular. It’s the best way for you to be able to enjoy the view. You might also need to bring with you some other stuff that you need, but binoculars are so important. You can check out if you want to check out some ideas about the other outdoor and tactical items.

When it comes to finding a good binocular, there are several things that you need to consider such as the magnification, easy focusing, image stability and even the price. You also need to make sure that your binoculars work with eyeglasses. When it comes to magnification, most seasoned bird watchers suggest that you those with 8x to 10x magnification is your best option.

You definitely need to have an easy to adjust and comfortable to use binocular. You won’t be able to enjoy watching if it doesn’t serve you well. What about you are planning to do it at night or when the sun is not up. You can always check out the latest Night Vision Generations and see which one work for your needs.

It is important that you ask suggestion from the expert’s bird watchers or you can ask someone from the shops who definitely knows their products well. Remember that not all binoculars works similar. And don’t always be wowed by the size. Check out the features and it should work to your bird watching needs.  Start gathering ideas and make your first bird watching experience memorable.

Get Started with Bird Watching in your own Backyard

Do you want to give your kids and your entire family a different weekend fun? You can try bird watching in your own backyard. Instead of getting them contented in seeing birds on books and magazines, you can let them watch real birds around. It will be more exciting and fun.

In order to make bird watching in the backyard, you’ve got several things that you need. One important thing that you need is a binocular. It would be easier for you to see birds even from afar if you have a good binocular. Let’s check out how you are able to keep your kids in the backyard and let them enjoy birth watching.

Bird watching

Bird watching is one common fun and nature activity that most people love these days. It’s not common to be able to see those lovely birds during this time and age where technology and industrial revolution. We seldom see birds flying around and chirping on the trees these days especially in the city. That’s the main reason why more people would take time to go for nature adventures in some other places.

You are lucky enough if you are living in a location where you are still able to see birds flying and resting on trees. With that, you can definitely have your kids enjoy bird watching. You can use your own backyard and find a perfect spot where you are able to see the birds better. You can even have them bring some paper, pen and colouring items to have them draw what they see.

Backyard Bird Watching

Unlike the usual bird watching activity where you have to go out in the wild and in the forest to, backyard bird watching can be simple. The Backyard Site for instance will be able to give you so much details about how you are going to prepare and make your own backyard a great place for fun and adventure.

When it comes to backyard bird watching, you will need these items – binoculars, camera, pen, paper, colouring pens, food and drinks. While watching the birds, you can bring out the food and have a picnic outside. For sure, your family especially the kids will love it. You can have them draw and identify the birds that they see. It will be fun and learning at the same time.

Letting the kids getting close to nature will help them appreciate it and care for them. And you should know that there are too many birds’ species that are getting endangered over the few decades. Thus, having your kids see them and experience getting close to them is such a great idea. At least they will have a memory of seeing the birds while they last.

Start planning out a good backyard bird watching activity for your kids now. Start by finding a good binoculars you can use. Then find a good spot in the backyard where you think would be conducive to seeing birds. Surprise them with it and they will surely love it.


Can you kill a Bird with a Paintball Gun?


This is probably one of the most common you’d hear from people who are planning to go for a hunt, can you kill a bird with a paintball gun? Well, the answer is yes. Paintball gun may not be as powerful as the other airguns and pellet guns, but they can surely kill a bird if you hit them hard.

Recently, the attention of the public was called that they shouldn’t shoot crows or any kind of birds with a paintball gun. The possibility of them s dead on the spot is huge if they get hit by the best paintball gun. They would also have fractures which will still lead them to death.

Bird Hunting

Bird hunting is common. Yet it can only be done on designated areas permitted by the law or the owner of the property. You can’t just go anywhere, and shoot birds. When you go for bird hunting, you surely will need a good air rifle or an air gun to shoot them right. In most cases, hunting fowls and other birds will kill the bird on the spot. Yet it would only a matter of practicing how to hit your target right.

When it is your first time to go for a hunt, then it is important that you need to know the basics. And it should start with finding the right kind of gun to use. Then you also have to know the regulations and prohibitions around hunting and carrying guns. You have to remember that every country, city and state have different rules when it comes to that. Check out with your local government or ask other hunters for ideas.

Shooting with Paintball Gun

It is pretty obvious, whatever type of gun you’d be using, hitting a bird can either kill it or leave it injured which still will lead to death. If you are playing paintball and you happen to see a bird and you shoot it and you kill it. Then you’ve got to remember that apparently you might be facing some charges depending on which city you’re in. Don’t forget that these little birds have rights and they are protected by the law.

When it comes to gun handling, many people have still a lot of things to learn. That is the main reason why government are honing some rules and act to regulate gun owners. Anyone who has a gone, or holding a gun should be responsible enough. You don’t have to shoot whatever you feel like shooting. What more shooting a harmless and a helpless bird?

Truly, paintball gun aren’t deadly as the other type of replicas like air rifles and airsoft guns, but they can still kill a bird. Make yourself responsible enough to be a responsible paintball player. If you really love to hit birds and hunt. Then go to places where hunting is allowed and shoot all you can. That’s the only way that you can protect yourself from breaking the law and killing helpless birds with your paintball gun.

Tips for Selecting the Right Pair of Boots for Your Next Bird Watching Trip

Bird watching is a fun activity but since its an outdoor activity, we at recommends that you use the best New Balance tactical boots to protect your feet from any potential harm. Although this activity is relatively easy to do and not as strenuous as other outdoor activities, you still need to be careful because the outdoor can always post some potential harm to your person. With that in mind, we provide some criteria to use when choosing your outdoor boots.

Some Tips in Choosing Your Pair of Hiking Boots

Each easy step while walking the great outdoors become more exciting if you know your feet are safe. Are your feet as excited as you are? Probably not when it’s not well protected. What you can do, is to choose the right hiking boots to make your feet protected and equally excited on your next bird watching activity.

  1. Check the style

    Just like your sneakers, hiking boots are made for a specific kind of trek that you want. For bird watching, you can opt for the lighter, low cut design for comfort and a littler bit of protection and traction.

  2. Check the material

    When it comes to hiking boots, there are two kinds of materials to choose from: leather or synthetic. Nowadays, synthetic materials have come to a point wherein it’s as strong as leather but lighter and water resistant. If you’re looking for a more rugged terrain, you can opt for a mixture of synthetic and leather. But if you’re only looking at less rugged terrains, its good to go for the lighter synthetic based hiking boots.

  3. Check the cut

    For both comfort and protection of your feet, you have to consider the cut. If you’re on for a casual trek, you can go for the light and low cut. For longer and more irregular terrains, the high cut is the best choice. Take into consideration also that the high cut trekking boots is a bit heavy and it can get heavier as you spend hours walking.

  4. Try if it fits

    To judge a pair of hiking boots better, you have to try it on. Make sure to wear a pair of socks to prevent the dirt of your feet from transferring to the brand new pair of boots. Go for a size bigger than your feet if you want to avoid blisters. I mean, who would want to have blisters? So go ahead pick a size larger than your feet.

  5. Give it a test run

    Once you tried it on, try also to walk a few steps with it and see if the pair is really the best for you. Give a little allowance for stretching because it will take some time for the shoes to fully stretch.

Knowing what to look for makes the difference when buying a pair of hiking shoes. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to fall into some unworthy shoes that you will just waste your money on. With these tips, you can be sure to land on a pair of boots that will make your feet happy.

Tips to Bow Hunting Birds

Bow hunting birds is not as easy as you might think. Bagging birds with the best recursive bow is a fit only a few can claim. But while this is the case, it’s also not rocket science. With proper techniques you can easily take that dove down and make it dinner.

Although it can be challenging to hunt birds, its a worthwhile experience. You will experience the thrill of hunting and the frustration of failure which potentially goes with it. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of hunting a flying target, read on to find out what are the techniques to ensure success.

Techniques for Bow Hunting Birds

Like anything that’s interesting, there are techniques in bow hunting birds. Any success story has behind it a systematic way of achieving it. Some say you have to be like a caveman to hunt birds effectively and I could not agree more. The caveman is equipped with means and ways to hunt birds perfectly and I will share these techniques to you. Read on to find out.

  1. Build a hide

    Building a hide is the best way to ensure that you are not at plain site of your prey. Birds are easily spooked and would fly away at the slightest of commotion. A good hide ensures that you can still move a bit while staying hidden.

  2. Stalk

    Related to making a hide, stalking requires a little ninja-like skills. You have to be sure-footed and quiet. Any noise that you make will spook the birds and you’ve just wasted your time.

  3. Give some lures

    Grains are primary lures for birds. But don’t just rely on any grains, you have to know what they love to eat and use it as your lures.

  4. Shoot at the right time

    If you know how to time your shots properly, there is no reason for you not to catch some birds. Birds tend to be vulnerable when they fly a bit backwards before landing. This is because the backward trust tends to counter the forward trust making the bird momentarily stationary. If your timing is perfect, you can bag your bird.

  5. Repeat ad infinitum

    When you have bagged your first bird, all you need to do is repeat what you have done. When doing it again, you have to learn from your previous mistakes. The beauty of hunting is that you keep on learning to perfect your trade.

We live in an age where everything is served in a silver platter. You no longer need to hunt in order to eat like our forefathers need to. This has created a generation of people who doesn’t know how and where their food is coming from. If you want to experience being close to your food source, hunting for birds like a caveman is a good way to start. It will be a worthwhile experience because you will experience the excitement of hunting and discover how food is being caught.

Careful of Birdwatchers When Pellet Gun Hunting

Pellet gun hunting is an absolute fun. Nothing beats the feeling hitting something and of bringing home your hunt. And consider it a success and a fulfilment. However, alongside with the fun and adventure of hunting, you’ve got to remember that you are using a gun. It may only be a pellet gun, but it can still bring harm. If birds and other animals can get hurt with pellets, then certainly humans too.

rifle always reminds hunters and pellet guns and rifles enthusiasts to consider safety at all times. When you’re hunting out there, there will be a possibility that there are other people around. Most of them are birdwatchers. Most especially if you as well is hunting for birds. You’ve got to be careful not to hit anyone.


Bird watching Fun

birdsHave you ever tried bird watching? If you haven’t, then you definitely miss the fun enjoying god’s creation and what nature offers. Bird watching is common on places, often with a body of water where bird flocks are appealed to. You might want to know where on your area you are able to find a good spot for watching birds.

With bird watching you often need to bring a good telescope with you. Birds can only be watched from afar. Keeping too close to their location will disturb them and will make them flee. And you are not able to appreciate their real beauty when that happens.   There are some parks in some cities that offers bird watching fun. You just have to know how to do it.

Hunting Safety

When it comes to hunting on the other hand, safety is always the number one priority. Since you’re using air rifles or pellet guns, there would always be a big possibility of hurting someone. That’s the main reason why you always have to be aware of the things around you when you’re hunting. Remember that your gun’s pellet chooses no one. It’ll hit anything and anyone on its sight.

If you are hunting for birds, always keep in mind about the bird watchers. If you are there to hit some, these people are also there to watch. And there will be a possibility that you’re going to hit them if you aren’t aware of the area or the location you’re at. It would be a great idea if you can check out the hunting area beforehand. If possible, know if there are other people around using the area, especially if it’s your first time to visit there.

Another thing that you need to consider with safety hunting is to check the gun that you are using. It should always be properly cleaned. Jams often occurs when guns are too rusty and dusty. You also make sure that you set the speed of BB to the right gauge to avoid overkilling.

As always, being aware and making the right preparation is important to have a safe hunting trip. If you don’t want to hurt anyone, then you’ve got to put extra cautiousness whenever you start firing your pellet gun!






Ever gone birdwatching at night? Bring a flashlight

Birdwatching is probably one of the most rewarding parts of any hikes. As a matter of fact, we always recommend this activity to groups who are planning a hike. Camping time will be more memorable with birdwatching, plus it also makes you more connected to nature. While most of you may have been used to going birdwatching at daytime or late afternoon, however a nighttime birdwatching promises more interesting and rare species that are definitely worth seeing.

If it is your first time to go on birdwatching at night, here are some of the few things to consider:

birdwatching tips

1) Bring A Flashlight

This is pretty basic, especially since you will ideally be going on trails without proper lighting. However, apart from your usual trail flashlight, it is also important to have another lighting source that will not scare the birds away. For beginners, look for flashlight that comes with a red lens because this is less distracting for birds at night time. If you want, you may also checkout various tactical shops to look for flashlights that are designed for birdwatching and night trails.


2) Stay near a body of water

It is certainly more challenging to spot nocturnal birds, especially if you are staying in a spot that has not been necessarily known to be spawn area for nighttime birds. However, you can increase your chances of spotting birds if you stay near a body of water like a lake or river. It’s usual for birds to be hovering over water. Having a reliable binoculars will also make the spotting easier.

nighttime birdwatching

3) Maintain silence

Any loud noise may only cause the birds to avoid the area where you are staying, so it is best to keep your noise at a minimum. Interestingly, some birds will also be attracted so a source of light, given that it is not as imposing as the typical yellow beam. So if you were able to secure yourself with the perfect birdwatching flashlight, then this could help attract the birds towards your location, given that the noise in the area isn’t that disrupting, as well.


4) Try again

It is important to remember that not every birdwatching attempt ends up successful. Even the veteran ones know that there will always be nights of no bird spotted. And that is totally alright. Push yourself to try again and explore various locations.

The Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

Up for some bird watching fun? Then you definitely need to get the best binoculars for yourself. Observing birds in a wide wildlife area really requires you to use binoculars. You’ll never get the best view of the birds unless you have ideal birding optics.


However, when finding the best binoculars, you will have to go through the list of the best ones available in the market. Just like shopping for high tech gadgets, you still have to consider a lot of things. Binoculars come in wide range of style, features and sizes. Your choice might also depend on your own personal preference.

Take your Pick

If you have been a smart buyer all your life, then you definitely know how tedious it is to find the best item to buy. With all the many options that you have, it might take you some time and energy to pick the best. Just to give you a little help, here are some of the things that you might want to consider when finding the best binoculars to use for bird watching.

Magnification. It’s one important thing that you need to know about binoculars. You definitely wanted to have something that will still give you a clearer view of the birds as you’re trying to get closes through magnification.

birdField of view. You certainly wanted to have a wider view of the area. That will give you the advantage of being able to see the entire are without having to keep on searching for the bird around. You might be able to see small moving objects if your binoculars have better field of view.

Focus. This is probably one of the most important thing that you need to consider when getting yourself a binoculars. The focusing mechanism comes in different ratio. It will depend solely on how crisp the view when you’re trying to adjust the focus. The high gear ratio one may be something that you can consider, easy adjustment and still gives you a clearer vision.

Price. Remember, you always get what you pay for. Yet, remember, it’s not always about the size and the price. You still have to try on what works for you. Just what the Northstar Camping always reminds us, it will still boil down to your own preference.

Top Binoculars Pick

Following are some of the top binoculars suggested by many who have been doing bird watching.

7×35 Nikon Action Extreme. With 7x magnification and 35mm lens, this is one of the best one that you can try on. It is waterproof and for-proof. With its all metal chassis, it’s also considered shock-proof.

Snypex Profinder HD 8×42 Binoculars. This one is designed with a field of view of 357ft at 1000 yards. It’s a combination of performance and quality. It is also tagged as a high end product to consider.

Vortex Optics Viper HD 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular. It is such a great option to buy. It is waterproof, fog proof and known reliable. Performance wise, you can depend on this binocular to enjoy your bird watching even more.

Can I Feed My Pet Bird “People Food”?

By using a Squirrel proof bird feeder, feeding your pet bird is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. However, when it comes to feeding your pet bird “people food”, there are some rules to consider when taking this approach. Birds absolutely love “people food” and in fact, they love the insurmountable amount of variety and nutrition they receive compared to typical bird diets. Here are some tips to help with feeding your avian friend.

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